Year Of The Dog: Resolution Ideas For Your Pampered Pooch

2018 is the Year of the Dog in the Chinese calendars. So, while you are working through your own new year resolutions, maybe it’s time to consider your dog? While you can probably think of a few resolutions to give them – stop barking at the mailman – be nicer to the local cat – there are some that are more practical. In fact, they are not too different from the resolutions you possibly have for your own life. Here are a few ideas to change your dog’s life for the better this year.

Eat a healthier diet

We aren’t saying you give your dog anything unhealthy to eat – they can do that without your assistance – but you should focus on their eating habits all the same. For starters, stop overfeeding your dog, no matter how persistent they are before mealtimes. Then cut down on the number of treats you give them, focussing only on those of nutritional value, such as Betsy Farms duck jerky, rather than something that could potentially affect your dog’s health. Stop feeding them scraps from your plate too. No matter how much begging your dog does, you need to harden up and say ‘no,’ for their sake.

Exercise more

We don’t need to tell you about the importance of exercise, but we can still be a little lazy sometimes. Especially at the start of the new year, our good intentions go out of the window at the first sign of rain. Your dog will be less than enthusiastic, too. Still, you can make exercise enjoyable for you and your pooch. Head out into the countryside where you can both smell the flowers and gaze at the beautiful scenery around you, or spend more time in the local park. Make exercise fun, and you will both benefit from the results. Otherwise, you will both become couch potatoes, and that won’t help either of you.

Try something new

Don’t let your dog get bored with the same routine. Mix up their life a little bit and give them some variety. This may be a new route on your daily walk, a few new toys for them to play with, or something different for them to try at mealtimes. We all benefit from new experiences, and your dog is no different. Variety is the spice of life, as they say, so give your dog something more exciting to look forward to in his daily life this year.

Get a health check up

Let’s be honest; you should be taking your dog to the vet anyway. Still, if you are as adverse to your dog’s vet as a trip to your local dentist – probably because of the expense – you are making more trouble for yourself and your dog if you don’t book that appointment. For starters, you will only end up with a bigger vet’s bill if your dog does get ill in the future. Any health condition risks can be alleviated if found early, and even if your dog is perfectly fine, you will still have the peace of mind that everything is okay.


While we can’t do anything about the neighbour’s cat or the mailman, we hope the above resolution ideas were helpful. We hope this year is wonderful, for both you and your canine friend.


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