How Can You Apply For Credit?

Contrary to popular belief, there is no universal credit rating which seals your fate when it comes to finding lenders. There is no such thing as a blacklist, and every lender assesses you differently. What this means is that just because you have been rejected by one lender, it does not mean that you will be rejected by every lender out there.

Of course, if you have a poor credit rating then you will face problems wherever you go, however the fact is that there is always a chance that someone will accept you for a loan if you need it.

The reason that people won’t lend money to those who have a bad credit rating is because there is no guarantee that they will get the money paid back. And if you have a history of not repeating your debts, no one will want to touch you. That’s why it is so important to learn how you can make the most of your credit rating and increase it to help you have a better chance of success.

What do lenders know about you?

It is incredibly important that you understand exactly what the lender knows about you before you apply so that you are able to present yourself in the best way. Check on your credit report for what is on there and then credit repair company reviews to find a credit repair company to help you sift through the information to make sure everything is in order before you apply.

During the application process your lender will receive your address, job, earnings, family size, reason of your loan and whether or not you own the home you live in. All of these things can give them an idea of whether they want to lend to you or not.

Always make sure that you take the time to fill in the form and be accurate about every single answer you give, because the slightest slip up could cost you your chance at being accepted for a loan.

Past dealings

If you have had any dealings with your lender in the past, they will use this information to help them ascertain whether or not to lend. This is why you will find that lending from your bank should be a little easier because you already know them and they know you.

Electoral roll

Believe it or not, the chances of you being accepted for a loan will increase if fly are registered to vote. As long as you are on the electoral role, the lender will have a verification of who you are so the process will go more smoothly and you are more likely to be accepted quickly.

Court records

If you have had any dealings in court such as bankruptcy, this information will go on your record and may count against you being accepted for a loan. This means that you may have to shop around before you find a lender who is prepared to take the risk with you.

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