Get Ready For Romance – Making Your Valentines Night Out – A Perfect Night In!

ST Valentine’s day is literally around the corner. Once January is over, the usual panic ensues, and everyone starts wondering what they can do to make the day more special for their loved one. It’s only once you begin investigating you find out the restaurant your partner has been dropping hints about wanting to visit for months, is fully booked and has been since October, that you look for alternative ideas about what to do. Although nights out can be enjoyable, they also bring their own stresses such as what to wear, will the prawns give me food poisoning and at very least who is going to babysit? So why not look to make it a cosy night in. Nights in need do not scream slipper socks and a tv meal, with a little imagination you can bring the big screen experience into your living room and have a great night out – IN!

Planning this sort of memorable evening will help to nourish your relationship, whether it’s Valentine’s Day or not! You can choose to insist on a dress code and make an effort or go for PJs and rollers. Choose the dress code and send out the invitation.

We all know that the way to someone’s heart is through their stomach so plan the dining part of the evening carefully. Are you going to order in or prepare the food yourself? If you opt for the second choice, then why not mix it up and cook the food together. Make any hors-d’oeuvres or other starters in advance, popping them in the fridge for later. You can search recipe ideas well in advance and then store them on your tablet ready to be brought to the screen on the night. This negates the need for books on the work surface or losing your page halfway through. Remember to choose foods that may smell wonderful while cooking but don’t leave an overpowering pong while preparing them.

A home cinema setup, aside from the apparent screening capabilities, offers surround sound possibilities for audio playback, providing a romantic accompaniment to your mellow evening. As well as your favourite tunes, you could select songs that meant a lot to the both of you during your relationship. Whether you want to belt out the ballads or find your instrumental zen, you can always stream your music library wirelessly whichever room you end up in!

Big Screen Blockbusters
An HDTV with a big screen will really make any movies leap into action, especially if your setup includes a 3D Blu-ray movie. If by chance your first date together was at the movies, why not choose to watch that first film together for this evening’s entertainment. If your first date involved something else, then just show the first film you guys ever watched together or one that has significance to both of you.  Movies and music are wonderful tools when it comes to reminiscing, and you could find yourselves falling in love all over again!

Keep The Lights Down Low
You may have noticed, if you have ever tried to upgrade your home lighting to energy-efficient bulbs, that halogen or fluorescent options tend to flicker or, even worse, emit a really annoying hum if you attempt to use them with dimmers.The LED lamp option not only allows for maximum energy efficiency but provide flicker-free and most importantly quiet ambience as you lower their output. Aside from the atmosphere, LED lamps outlast the other types of bulbs massively.

So setting the mood is a huge part, follow the guidelines, and the rest is up to you! Have fun and don’t forget the bubbly!
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