Try Pure Pet Food today and get £15 off any starter packs!

Pure Pet Food was created by childhood friends Mat and Dan.

Mat and Dan asked themselves the question;

“why would you feed your pet something that you wouldn’t eat yourself?”  


Most pet foods currently available on the market contain low quality, highly processed ingredients. Mat and Dan made  it their mission to create a large range of meals  for dogs and cats using 100% fresh human grade ingredients.


The production process started in Dan’s own kitchen, but customer demand grew to such an extent that Pure Food is now lovingly prepared at their own premises in Yorkshire.


In 2014 Mat and Dan appeared on Dragon’s Dan and were told that they had made “dog food cool” by peter Jones. Although offered the opportunity to accept investment from “the dragons” they chose to turn it down, as they had so much belief in the future success of Pure Pet Food.

Today Pure Pet food is certified by the human and animal food authority and is approved by PETA.



In December 2017 I was lucky enough (or my cat was), to be offered the opportunity to review two of the ranges available for cats. As my cat is extremely fussy I was a little concerned that she would turn up her nose, as she so often does, however she gave her seal of approval and I was happy that she was eating such a high quality grade of food.

Read our review here


Mat and Dan are now offering the opportunity to get £15 off any starter pack.

Try Pure Pet Food today and get £15 off any starter packs!


At Pure Pet Food our mission is to make healthy choices for pets easy and accessible. All of our meals are lovingly made at our very own human grade food facility in Yorkshire, UK.
Owners simply add water and serve creating a healthy, fresh meal in minutes!



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