Finding Their Way Home By Nicky Copeland – Book Review

We are huge cat lovers in our house and my twin daughters are verging on becoming a little obsessed – crazy cat ladies of the future I think! We were therefore delighted to be offered the opportunity to review the new book by Nicky Copeland called Finding their way home.

“Finding their way home” tells the true story of Cleo and Baloo, who were adopted by the author Nicky Copeland and her boyfriend. Cleo and Baloo are both rescue cats and the book is informative as well as being charmingly written.

As a family we have always adopted cats from our local rescue centre and we have had some wonderful companions over the years, all with different characters and quirks. That’s what I love about cats, they are so different and totally independent, as in they own you, not the other way around!

Sadly after my second son was born, it soon became apparent that he was highly allergic to cats, causing asthma and eczema to be exacerbated to intolerable levels. We then spent a number of years being without a cat owner. That was until three years ago, after lots of research we discovered that Bengal cats produce very little of the protein in their saliva associated with causing allergic responses in people. We are now the happy owners of Lucy, our wonderful Bengal cat! Given the choice though, I would always adopt from a rescue centre as there are so many gorgeous cats and kittens needing loving homes.

Back to the book! The book is gorgeously illustrated by Alicia Kenyon at Little Wing Design and the illustrations I feel really bring to life the characters of Cleo and Baloo. The book is rhyming in style and is told through the voice of Cleo, the first of the pair of rescue cats adopted. The book tells the journey of being a stray rescue cat right up until being introduced to Baloo, with whom Cleo eventually becomes great friends. It’s a lovely tale of how the two cats become settled and happy in their new family.

Both girls love the book and commented how they like that it is a “real” story.

There is a section at the back of the book which gives advice on how to introduce two cats in order for them to become great companions. My girls have read the book a number of times since receiving it and we would highly recommend it to others.

Finding Their Way Home by Nicky Copeland can be purchased from Amazon.

*For the purpose of this honest review, we received a copy of Finding Their Way Home by Nicky Copeland. All words and opinions are my own.


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