A New Way To Look At The Dilemma Of New Builds

When it comes to home buying, new builds get a tough deal. Most of us have ideas about homes with character and histories. As such, a great deal of us discard new estates altogether. Most people would much rather have wonky walls and wooden beams.

But, whether this is your first home or your fifth, it may pay to broaden those new-home horizons. We aren’t going to lie to; new builds do have downsides. There’s no chance of getting the character you’re after, for instance. Most properties like these have white walls and beige carpets. But, there are also a load of benefits to going down this route. Character soon seems like a small sacrifice when you consider all the following ways new builds could end up benefiting you.

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An altogether smoother buying process

Buying a new house can be a traumatic undertaking. For the most part, that’s because of ‘buyer chains.’ These effectively mean that your move is dependent on a whole load of other people. They’re the reason why a shocking amount of house sales fall through at the last moment. It’s a heartbreaking reality, and one you won’t have to face if you move into a new build. When your property is already empty, you become the start and end of your chain. AKA, you won’t need to work about what anyone else is doing. As if that weren’t easy enough, many development companies like Redrow sell houses directly. That saves you having to deal with real estate agents in the middle. That alone could more than half the time it takes you to settle on a deal.

A chance to put your mark on the place

We understand; it can be tough to imagine yourself in a blank space like this. But, it does have the benefit of providing you with a clean canvas on which to make your mark. With a bit of luck, that lack of character could, in itself, make it easier than ever to put your mark on this property. You’ll be able to create the space from the bare basics. That ensures no one else’s decor style gets in the way of what you want. Believe it or not, that could see you happy in that home a whole lot sooner.

A sure way to increase your money

In general, new-builds tend to be cheap. They’re certainly a fraction of the price you’d pay for a period place. In most cases, you’ll even find that developments like these are built with affordable living in mind. As such, you can move in for a fraction of the price you would pay otherwise. Yet, you also stand to see one of the steepest increases in your money here. That’s because most new estates are followed by things like schools and strips of shops. These alone could see your property value rising, even in the first year. If you intend to move in the future, then, you would be mad not to go new.

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