4 Signs You’re Onto a Winner With Your Boss

We spend a lot of time — sometimes more time than we’d like — at work. We spend more waking hours there, than we do our home. We see our colleagues more than we see some members of our family. So, we need to be at least reasonably certain that it’s worth it! That our work is valuable, that we’re surrounded by people who see us as more than a revenue builder, that the company would care if something happened to us. Bosses don’t always get their due, but there are some who are more than worth their weight in gold. Below, we take a look at some signs that you’ve got a great boss.

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A Fair Deal

A great boss won’t ask more from you than you’re willing to give. They’ll understand that the relationship should be mutually beneficial, not a case of servant and master. They’ll be interested in your well-being. They’ll understand the value you bring to the company, and will be happy to pay you a fair salary. They’ll treat you as if you’re a friend first, employee second. They’ll be a boss who wants you to grow alongside the company.

They’re Respecting Your Rights

Some bosses let their power go to their head, but yours doesn’t. They don’t see you as a worker drone bee, who only exists to do what they ask, but as an individual with their own hopes and dreams. They understand that employee rights exist for a reason, and are thus more than willing to follow them. They’ll look out for the general well-being of the employee, and make sure that the working environment is safe and professional. They’ll work with solicitors to draft employee contracts, handbook, and policies and procedures, so that nothing is left up to chance. Essentially, they take their role as boss seriously, and do everything they can to ensure that their employee’s rights are met. Any boss that acts like this will always have your best interests at heart.

Support for Growth

There are two types of employers: ones who want their staff to do well for their own benefit, and those who don’t. Yours is the kind of employer that cares about their staff, trains them, wants them to fulfill their goals, and is happy to provide support to help them reach those goals. These people have an interest in seeing you grow professionally and personally for your own sake, not only for the sake of the company’s well-being. If they’re routinely suggesting ways to develop and grow, then you’re onto a good thing.

Feeling Secure

You shouldn’t play around with people’s hearts, because they’re too important. The same can be said for jobs. When you’re talking about people’s livelihoods, there’s no room for mystery and threats. A caring boss will be open and transparent about your job security and the future of the company, because they know that you have a home, a family, bills, and so on.

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