Freedomlance: Considerations To Make Before Going Self-Employed

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Working for yourself comes with many different benefits. For some, the biggest of these will be having the freedom to do work which you enjoy, without having to answer to a boss watching over your shoulder. Others will find that working from home is the best aspect. Of course, there are also challenges which need to be faced before you can dive into being self-employed. To help you to consider all of them, this post will be exploring the areas you need to think about the most, making it far easier to take your first steps with confidence.


While working for an employer comes with some downsides, it also comes with a lot of different benefits. Sick pay, vacation time, and compassionate leave simply don’t exist for those who work for themselves. If you want to have time off, you will have to take a hit to your income, and this is something which most people can’t deal with. Along with this, you will also lose the security which comes with working for someone else. Normal employers have to follow strict rules when it comes to hiring and firing staff, while working for yourself means that you could find yourself without any work to do in a flash, and this is something which a lot of people struggle with.


There is a lot of work which goes on behind the scenes when you work for someone else. Payroll and personal tax returns are one of the biggest, with those working for themselves having to handle their own admin work. Simple tax return services can make this easier for you at a small cost, giving you the chance to figure out exactly how much you owe without having to do all of the maths yourself. This can still be stressful, though, especially if you miss a payment or make a mistake.

Somewhere To Work

The idea of working from home sounds ideal for a lot of people. If you don’t like going to work each day, solving this problem can be easily done by bringing work to you. Of course, though, if you don’t have a good place to do your work from, new issues will arise, and life could get a lot harder. It’s well worth thinking about the sort of environment you will have to work from if you become self-employed, as even the smallest regular distractions can make it extremely difficult to get anything done.

It makes sense that this sort of work is becoming so popular, but this doesn’t mean that you can dive in without any proper plans.

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