Eco-Friendly Tips For A Safe and Cosy Winter

As we enter yet further lockdowns, we are spending more and more time at home. I’m not sure if other people feel the same, but this time, having to stay indoors feels a little different. We had fantastic weather in the Spring and it was lovely to be able to spend time in the garden. We lost count of the number of BBQ’s, long walks by the river and celebrations we had, such as VE day, anniversaries and various birthdays. Looking out of the window this morning, the grey skies and drizzle isn’t quite as tempting!


We are staying home to keep everyone safe, I’ve just returned to nursing and recent experience on the wards emphasises the need to stay home. The days are getting evermore chilly and the heating is back on. Not only are we having to stay indoors, the costs of doing this starts to mount up. One thing we need to tackle in our home is our double glazing, we had it installed years ago and there are a few windows which require replacing. As our radiators are placed directly under the windows, the heat is happily escaping through the ill fitting gaps! I dread to think of how much money we are wasting and it isn’t very eco-friendly. We are currently researching double glazed window special offers as a matter of urgency!

Space is also an issue now that we are spending time indoors. We are a family of six, so space is at a premium, especially as my two oldest children are now tall, lanky teenage boys. We had a conservatory installed to try and combat the space issue a while ago, but it had rapidly evolved into a very messy play room for the girls. We have now transformed the room into a dining room and all the toys are neatly stored away in Kallax boxes from ikea. We are now spending loads of time in there and the conservatory has become an asset rather than a junk room.

Although we are staying home to keep everyone safe, being inside exposes our bodies to lots of chemicals which are normally diluted when outdoors. I have tried to swap some of the harsher cleaning chemicals used previously to more eco-friendly ones. I have discovered that you can even make your own, there are plenty of recipes online. Two of my children have mild asthma, so it has become really important to ensure cleaning products are not irritating, that dust is kept to a minimum (something I’m still working on!) and that everyday I open the windows, no matter what the weather is like, to let the fresh air in. I’m looking forward to getting my windows replaced so that the hinges and locks work effectively!

We have our family’s favourite time of the year on the horizon – Christmas! It’s lovely to have something to look forward to, we’ve been busy buying and making decorations and the twins have been busy circling toys in the Argos catalogue! We are looking forward to making our home eco-friendly and cosy in order to create memories for years to come. 2020 has been a unique year, but we are hoping to create a magical season.

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