Prom Preparations For Identical Twins – My Thoughts!

Although Covid 19 has scuppered many plans this year, I’m hopeful that we’ll soon be able to get back to some kind of normality. So many celebrations have been put on hold for our family – three milestone birthdays and one of my son’s missed his prom, which was such a shame. My eldest son managed to squeeze in two proms before heading off to university. They were fabulous occasions and I’m thankful that he’ll have amazing memories. But, what an incredible amount of preparation! Being mum to two boys and twin daughters I’m glad my son’s prom arrived first. Even then there was lots to sort out. A suit which fitted the occasion was a necessity which needed to be formal as well as cool. We spent many an hour discussing suit colour, type of shirt – not to mention the tie, who knew that ties need to be the right thickness (or thinness) and the right length?

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It’s not only the clothes, it’s haircuts, shoes and prom car. It actually hadn’t crossed my mind that how you arrive at the venue is extremely important. It’s really useful if you can join up with other families when searching for a mode of transport – there are so many prom car hire ideas, ranging from campervans to Cadillacs! Then, there’s the pre prom and after prom parties. As mum and dad we were allowed to attend the pre prom drinks, after which we subtly retired into the background and watched everyone arrive at the venue. The after prom party went on until the early hours of the morning, hosted by some very brave parents. Judging by the sanitised, filtered photos I saw, I’m glad we retired at the pre drinks stage! They all had a fantastic time though.

Wow! This really brought it home to me that I’m lucky I had a boy first – as a kind of practice, because watching the girl’s arrival at the venue was like something off the cover of Hello! I may have mentioned previously that I also have twin daughters. Although they’re not anywhere near prom age, I know that life flies by, extremely fast. I’m already having sleepless nights about prom preparation for them. Having identical twins means that they often like the same clothes, but hate looking the same. Choosing a prom dress x2 is going to be lovely (and expensive!), but has the potential to be extremely stressful. I currently put items of clothes behind my back and ask each of them to choose a hand, I’m pretty certain that that’s not going to work when choosing a prom dress! I’ll definitely need to start searching sooner rather than later. I’m also under no illusion that the prom preparation will resemble a military operation, my son’s prep will feel like a walk in the park in comparison! Haircuts/styling, nails, tan, jewellery, bag, shoes, makeup and then it appears that a totally different outfit is needed for the after party! I feel exhausted already …

Wish me luck and I’ll keep you posted!

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