Homemade Raspberry Vodka – Christmas!

There’s something really satisfying about making your own Christmas gifts. Although I’m not sure my homemade raspberry vodka will get much further than our own front door! Why didn’t I make more? Actually I might just do that, as I’m sure it will taste equally scrummy if I use frozen raspberries from the supermarket. We have some old raspberry canes in our garden, which I keep meaning to dig up. To be honest they’ve gone a bit “seedy”, so are perfect for making raspberry vodka with.

If you fancy making it, it’s pretty easy. Here’s the recipe:-

300g raspberries

300g sugar

1 bottle of vodka and that’s it!

Sterilise the jar by washing with soap and water. Pop in the oven for 20 mins at 140 degrees.

Put everything into the jar, seal and then shake the jar every so often whilst storing it in a cool dark place.

After a few weeks or months in my case, strain the vodka through muslin into smaller glass bottles. Seal, date and decorate!

Gorgeous colour and as I’ve made it before, it tastes amazing! Even my 19 year old son wants some to share with his friends. I’m aiming to have mine with tonic water and lots of ice and possibly a raspberry to decorate.

As long as you have a large jar, funnel, muslin and smaller bottles – you are good to go! Also, the equipment is reusable so you can make lots of batches in lots of flavours. I quite fancy trying Werther’s Originals flavour next time, which I’ve heard is divine!

If gin is more your tipple here’s a link to my homemade gin hamper post.


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