Are You Struggling With Productivity – Working From Home?

If you’re one of the people who has been forced to begin working from home over the last year, you might find that you’re struggling with productivity. Or, perhaps you’re trying to work on your own projects at home and failing miserably. Working from home is often glamorised by people who have never done it, and while some enjoy it, it’s certainly not for everybody. Working alone can be terribly isolating, and you might find yourself full of self doubt and criticism if you’re not careful. If you’d like to improve your productivity levels at home, read on to figure out why you might be struggling.


You Don’t Have A Quiet Place To Work


Ideally, anybody working from home will have a quiet place to get the job done. However, depending on the type of layout (open plan can be particularly troublesome), and how many family members you live with, you might find this difficult. Trying to set up your own dedicated space with a little desk and chair could help, even if it’s in the corner of a room. Working from your bed or sofa isn’t the best ergonomically, and can actually impact your mindset. Invest in some noise cancelling headphones if you can, as they should block out most distractions.


The Job Isn’t Right For You


Perhaps working from home has given you some clarity that you feel you could have done without. Maybe the job simply isn’t right for you. You may have liked the work because you were around people you considered friends, but that is a situational perk, and not actually a perk of the job. It could be time to consider how your talents and skills would be put to better use, and what sort of perks you could enjoy in a different role.


You’ve Lost Sight of Your ‘Why’


If this is a task you’ve set out to do yourself, it’s important to keep an eye on your ‘why’. Knowing your why will help you to carry on when times get tough. This is completely unique to you, so think about it carefully!





Your Home Isn’t Suited To Working From Home


We already mentioned not having a quiet space to work, but maybe your home isn’t suited to productivity in general. Maybe it’s cold and uncomfortable? In this case, you might need to contact somebody about spray foam insulation, and consider having some of your appliances replaced so that you can work in comfort. Letting in natural light is also a must, so consider whether you need to switch your window dressings.


You Need Some Time Off


The last year has been taxing on everybody. You shouldn’t begrudge yourself for needing time away from it. It’s better to do this before your mental health takes a big hit, so consider approaching your manager to tell them what you need.


You’re Unable To Disconnect


Being able to differentiate between your personal and professional life can be tough when you work from home. If you’re unable to disconnect from work and find yourself working at all hours, give yourself a strict cut off time. Consider making it easier by putting your work equipment out of sight, too!


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