Bathroom Blues? Here’s How You Can Make it Bright and Happy

Autumn and gloomy evenings call for long sessions in the bathroom. It’s everyone’s favourite sanctuary where we get to clean off the masks we wear out in public – and slip into a soft, comfortable robe instead. British bathrooms are notoriously small, though, and while everyone’s talking about how to get that spa-look at home, we’re trying to squeeze in a tiny laundry basket next to the shower.

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Here is how you can, in fact, make your small bathroom a lot cosier before autumn hits us with all its force. It won’t break your budget either – unless you want it to, of course.
Opt for white
An endless amount of articles online suggests that small bathroom owners choose an earthy look for the walls. While it may enhance that spa feeling slightly, it will also make your space appear a lot smaller – a bit cramped. You can easily achieve the spa-look without painting your walls in gloomy shades of grey and brown.
A crisp, white look on everything from walls to ceilings and towels is the way to go when fixing up your small bathroom. Not only because it will make it look so much bigger, but a glossy white on the walls will also make the light bounce a bit, giving your room a brighter and happy look.
Install dimmers
Now that we’ve agreed on the colour scheme, it’s time to focus on the light. While a rich supply of candles is alfa omega to your autumn sanctuary, the installation of dimmers can take the game to a whole other level – just don’t do it yourself.
As the mornings get increasingly darker and you’re forced out of your bed long before the sun rises, you’ll be able to wake up a lot faster by bathing your bathroom in bright light as soon as you enter.
Return home many hours later, tap yourself a much-needed bath, and dim it to a nice and relaxing orange-hue.
Trust me on this one; dimmers in the bathroom will make all the difference as you’re going to adjust it during all stages of the day. Need to relax with a spa-session in the middle of the day? Shutters down, dimmers down, face mask on – and you won’t even feel the daylight outside.
If you don’t have a lovely bath to return home to, as you’d have to give up on your shower to fit it, have a look at this website and rejoice over how functional and beautiful it can be.
Go for natural textures
With a sparkling white bathroom, it’s time to include an authentic spa-feeling with some natural textures.  
Bright green plants, pebbled tile floor, and wooden elements will calm your senses on a stormy autumn night. When you don’t have that much space to work with, you can reflect its natural look with a strategically placed mirror as well.
The more time you’d like to spend in your bathroom, the more energy you should invest in making it pleasant. It doesn’t mean that you have to spend a lot of money on it; just focus on keeping it clean, pleasant, and treat yourself to an abundance of soft towels.
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