Cool For Cats (And Dogs): This Year’s Must-Have Pet Gadgets

Pets, aside from being a welcome and loving presence in the household, can also be a wonderful aid in your children’s development. Owning a pet can be an extremely rewarding and edifying experience for kids that teaches them not just the value of responsibility (which is, let’s face it, very important), but also helps in their emotional development. Through pets, children can gain an enriched emotional maturity, learning empathy, respect, and, though it may break your heart and theirs, how to deal effectively with loss. Pets, like children, need a lot of love, support, attention, discipline and the occasional treat.


With Christmas just around the corner (don’t believe me? Just wait and see what happens as soon as the Halloween stock is cleared out of the supermarkets), many savvy pet owners want to extend their love of technology and gadgets to their pets’ presents. If this sounds like you, check out these awesome gadgets that will delight your furry friends and the whole family. And, hey, if these cool gadgets make your lives a little easier, so much the better!
Automatic cat feeder
Cats are agile and active creatures and their bodies are incredibly energy efficient. As such, many cat owners struggle with portion control for their feline friends. Though it can be tempting to allow our cats to over-indulge, cats are extremely prone to health problems when overweight so it’s important to ensure that they get the right sized portion every time. Thus, an automatic cat feeder can be extremely useful in making sure that your cat gets a perfectly sized portion at timed intervals so you don’t even have to remember to feed them.
GPS pet tracker
As vigilant as all pet owners try to be, our fuzzy companions can sometimes slip free of their leads, collars and carriers and go on little adventures. Fun for them, but extremely upsetting and stressful for us. Thus, the pet care industry has responded to this commonly occurring problem with a series of GPS trackers that enable you to track the whereabouts of your dog or cat in real time using a cloud based app, and saving you hours of panicked scouring of the neighbourhood and flier printing.
Self cleaning litter tray
Ask any cat owner what their least favourite aspect of cat ownership may be and they’ll inevitably tell you that it’s scooping out the smelly cat litter on a regular basis. If only someone would invent some sort of self cleaning litter tray. Well, believe it or not, someone has! Petsafe’s self-cleaning litter tray uses an automated rake to collect smelly deposits and stow them in a detachable compartment that can be quickly and easily emptied. No more scooping for you!
If you have a new or young pet, you may worry about them while you’re out at work. Fortunately, the Petcube allows you to observe and even interact with them through the miracle of digital technology. You can see what they’re up to via a live video phone broadcast directly to your smartphone or even play games with them using the built-in laser pointer.
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