Summer Crafts – With Bostik

As Bostik Bloggers we were given the chance to choose our own theme in June. I decided to give the girls free reign as to what they would create from the craft materials we were sent. We emptied the package onto the table and off they went!

One of my girls decided to create a birthday cake picture, by using the yellow foam for the cake, topped with sparkly icing. The candles were made by using some blue foam and the flames were made out of yellow feathers, I think it looks fantastic and would make a lovely birthday card. Balloons were then made out of shiny stars and braid for the ribbon.

My other daughter chose to create a picture of a cat in a garden along with butterflies and birds. I was really impressed with the way she made the butterfly, she didn’t need much assistance with the whole project apart from drawing the shape of the cat. I love how easy the PVA glue from Bostik is to use. The design of the bottle allows accuracy, much more so than a spatula. The glue is also effective, there’s nothing worse than bits falling off after hours of hard work!

The finished projects!

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