Why You Should Get A Dog

Thousands of people every year take the plunge and welcome a four legged canine pal into their home. You could choose to have a dalmation frolicking in your garden, a miniature schnauzer taking up space on your couch, or a labrador retriever pulling you along in the park. The chances are that your brood have already asked for a puppy on numerous occasions and you’ve always said no because you’ve been busy, you think someone in the household could have a pet allergy, and you simply don’t want to be the individual responsible for taking the animal for walks and taking care of it during the day.

A dog should never be bought and then rejected because it morphs quickly from a puppy to a dog. Too many people abandon a pet because they no longer want it. Remember, dogs are living creatures too and need love and support to grow into adult canines. A puppy is young, naive and needs a lot of guidance. As such, you will find that he will test your patience, he will need boundaries setting and those first few weeks will be spent fighting off a razor toothed baby crocodile for ten hours a day. However, the sheer joy that puppies and dogs can bring to a household far outweigh any of the negative aspects of their arrival into your family. Take a look at these reasons why you should consider getting a dog.

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Mood Lifting

For some reason dogs are instant mood lifters. It might be their cute faces, the gorgeous demeanours or their delightful temperaments, but spending half an hour a day or so with a pooch will help relieve your blood pressure and reset your stress levels. Dogs enhance the quality of life around all those around them. They are eager to please, keen to be obedient and ready to learn.

It’s important that you choose the breed right for your family. Do you need a pup that is hypoallergenic? Do you need a breed that can manage a little more on his own during the day? Or perhaps you’d like a breed that is eager to spend time outdoors and is intelligent and active? Match your requirements to a breed that will fit your family, and the experience of dog ownership will be better for you and your mutt.

You’ll Be Fitter

People with dogs inevitably get a little fitter. Whether you like it or not, dogs need to go out for a couple of walks every day, even if they aren’t the most active of breeds. They adore going outside, having a sniff, doing their business, playing fetch and staying by your side. There’s nothing more thrilling than venturing outside after a busy and hard day at work with your dog and spending some time relaxing and wandering around the park. When walking in the park, it’s important to keep your eye on other people’s pooches as well as your own. Although your lovely puppy might be a cautious canine, another dog might not be. Protect your dog and ensure that you can pull your pet out the way should another dog choose to lunge or attack. While you can always rely on a civil law solicitor to make a claim, you want to ensure that your puppy remains safe and healthy.

You could join a dog walking group and meet new people to extend your social circle. Plenty of people choose to host puppy parties to meet new people in their local area and get to know fellow dog owners.

Your Dog Will Be Your Friend

A hound really is man’s best friend. They imprint on you from puppyhood and see you as their nurturer, their feeder, their playmate and their boss. You might occasionally get a bit of stubbornness when they head into puberty, but training a dog to be obedient can be a lot of fun. The whole family can get involved tearing the kids away from their laptops and smartphones. With an intelligent breed, you can train them to sit, stay, learn their name, play fetch and play dead. Training your mutt creates a strong bond, and your pooch will be eager to please you, especially if you give positive praise and rewards when your dog has achieved a new command.

Watch Dogs

If you require an extra level of security for your home, a poodle might not be ideal, but a loud barker such as a spaniel or staffie might be. Dogs of all breeds are eager to protect their owners. While they rarely attack, they will alert you to any danger the moment they sense it. If you hear your dog barking at night, you can be sure that something is going on outside that is disturbing him.

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Rescue Dog

You could choose to forego the puppy years, and head to the pound to rescue a dog instead. A dog that has been placed in a rescue centre has probably had a rough life. They might not have been treated well by human beings and they might be scared or snappy. A dog that is traumatised requires more effort if you choose to welcome them into your home. If you have small children, a pedigree puppy might be better suited. However, if you have the time and inclination to help a dog that has been abandoned, then you might want to rescue an older mutt.

These dogs will otherwise have no chance of a forever home. These canine companions can end up being the most faithful friends that you could ever wish for. Don’t dismiss them outright and pay a visit to your local rescue centre to see if you can give a dog a home.

Welcoming a dog into your family should not be taken lightly. Whether you choose to get a pedigree puppy, a mongrel or a rescue dog, these canines will enhance your life no end. Consider your options and ensure that you have the money, the personality and the time to expand your family.

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