Thinking Practically This Christmas: Finding The Funds

Advent has begun, which means that Christmas is right around the corner. Christmas is a magical time, and one that should be spent with those you love, but there’s no ignoring the fact that, while Christmas shouldn’t revolve around how much money you spend, it usually does. There’s so much food and so many decorations and presents to buy, and we tend to forget how expensive all of this can get. You need to be practical and find the funds from somewhere, and here are a few suggestions for you.

Save Up Throughout The Year
This won’t help you out much this year, but it’s something to bear in mind for 2018; The most sensible way to pay for Christmas is and will always be with your own savings. If you do not have a savings account, then now is a great time to start one. Take between five and ten percent of your salary each month and put it into a separate account. This money will quickly add up, and can then be used for birthdays and Christmas next year.

Cut Back On Christmas
This isn’t the most fun suggestion, but it is an incredibly practical one. If you’re struggling to pay for Christmas this year, then the easiest thing that you can do is spend less. Look around for cheaper alternatives of your favourite holiday foods, and buy less presents. You could even make presents for some of your loved ones, which will be much cheaper and will show how much you care.

Cut Back On Non-Essentials
If you’re still struggling to raise enough money, then it might be time to cut back on a few things in your everyday life. Make sure that you only cut back on things that you really don’t need, like takeaways, nights out, and other little treats that you can do without. It won’t start raining money straight away, of course, but the money does add up.

Suggest Secret Santa
Rather than buy a gift for every single one of your friends and family members, you could suggest trying secret Santa to a few of the groups. This means that you will only have to buy one present instead of three, four, or five, which will save you money. This means that you can spend a little bit extra on the individual, and will still have some money left over.

Get A Loan
No one wants to take out a loan to pay for Christmas, but if you’re really struggling, then it might be your only option. Try asking friends and family first, as they will understand your need, and will be unlikely to make you pay interest. If this is a bust, then you could get a fast cash advance from an online lender. Just be sure that you make your repayments on time.
While these ideas are great, try not to let your entire Christmas revolve around money. Christmas is about spending time with the ones you love, not spending as much money as you can on the ones you love, so don’t let it stress you out too much.

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